Weekly Reflections

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Delighting in Community

We were living life together, enjoying one another on a beautiful day. We were celebrating a wondrous little life, and I was envisioning many more events to come. It filled my heart with gratitude that God has brought our two families together, and it gave me hope that we can be a part of bringing a larger circle of people together as well.

Surprised by God. Again.

Back in February, I prayed about how to participate in Lent this year. I didn't feel inclined in any particular direction, but I did desire to have a time in the morning and the evening to pay attention to my journey with God.

The State of the (developing) Union

I looked at these questions with God in January. I thought through them in light of my various relationships… spouse, son, friends, co-workers, leaders, fellow volunteers and those I minister to.

Community and My Changing Heart

I love how God brings various pieces of our lives together. I noticed this was happening for me last week when I was scheduled to write this reflection piece for ECSW, I was also asked to come and shoot a two minute video for my church.

Do I Believe God is Faithful?

It’s confusing to realize that I both do and don’t believe. Will I ever not be surprised by the tensions that live within me?