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Wealth and the Kingdom

“How difficult it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!” I’ve heard that passage my whole life, and I’ve heard the same interpretation of it each time. But I’m really questioning that interpretation now.

Tribalism: A Most Subtle Evil

The other day, I was in a professional development seminar where one of the exercises split the audience into two groups, each taking a side on an issue. I watched as the two groups almost immediately became competitive, splitting into “our side” versus “their side”.


I've been tired and irritated and mostly just looking to not deal with things. Facing life after these kinds of days has been completely unappealing, compounded by the fact that my wife is out of town, which makes me already feel out of sorts. Things just don’t feel right, so I instinctively grab at something that feels comfortable.

While Waiting for Jesus

I suppose it was a reminder that in the midst of all the heavenly things that we are called to attend to, we have to attend to our own earthly needs at the same time. We are created, earthly beings with limitations and needs, and having to deal with those things is what Jesus expects from us.

When Your Shield is Turned Backward

When something happens that causes us to doubt or fear, Paul says to grab hold of our faith, our trust in God, and use it like a shield to defend against those darts that may wound us.

I Stink at Community

And frankly, I’m not particularly good at forging relationships. I’m an introvert, and I spent a good chunk of my time as a kid uncertain of what to do in social situations—freezing or doing nothing—which left me off to the side and never really learning some of those instinctive things we all are supposed to pick up about how to build bridges with people and form community.


Sometimes, though, I feel like we have this understanding that being a Christian makes us infinite, or at least capable of tapping into the infinite, and that capability absolves us from the need to change or put much work into changing or being changed