Study Components

Each Life with God study relies upon a weekly rhythm of activities that help participants encounter God in the Bible, in prayer, and in community.

Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings of Scripture and Teaching: Like most contemporary Bible study materials, Life with God uses multimedia to immerse believers in the words of Scripture.

  • The Scripture Podcast is a recording of the key verses for the week and gives participants the opportunity to listen to the Word of God several times as the week progresses.
  • The Teaching Podcast explores the relational theology of the Bible. It offers observations about how the selected Bible verses can influence our knowledge of God, of ourselves, and our understanding of how God is inviting us into deeper and more authentic relationships.

The podcasts take no more than 45 minutes to listen to each week. They are accessible online, for streaming on the computer or on a mobile device, and they can also be downloaded for playback later or for transfer to a CD or music player. We want participants to have the flexibility to listen when and where they chose.

Interactive Prayer

Interactive Prayer Exercises: After participants have listened to the weekly teaching,Life with God invites them to take a personal, one-hour retreat in the context of their daily lives. Prayer is an essential part of a believer’s life. It is more than intercessory; it is active, responsive, bodily, and creative. Our study materials prompt believers to interact with God like the Psalmists did. We guide participants to reflect with God on their personal experiences, and we encourage them to seek His understanding.

Covenantal Community

Community Meetings Based on a Covenant: Life with God communities abide by a group covenant that upholds safe and honest interactions between their members, similar to the rules of a recovery group. Members design their group covenants around the relational values considered most important to the group. When the community gathers each week to share their experiences, the covenant provides a safety net for love, honor, and trust.

Hand-picked, Trained Discipleship Leaders: Participants will not need to “go it alone”. Life with God community meetings are led by those who are trained by ECSW to facilitate a safe and discerning environment for sharing. Small groups will learn how to listen without “fixing” one another, how to communicate openly and honestly about their lives, and how to look for and follow God’s activity in their lives. We interview and train each Life with God leader to be a model and guide to better relationships.