Design Objectives

To influence the relational culture of the individual and the church, Life with God is designed around three main objectives.

1. Biblically Focused

Focus on what the Bible teaches about relationships.

We believe that deep heart change initiates in our relationship with God through the power of the Word and the Spirit. Each Life with God study flows out of the pages of Scripture; each week finds its theme fully articulated in a biblical passage. We allow the language and stories of Scripture to guide us, modeling to participants how a historically and contextually sensitive read of the Bible can inform their daily lives.

2. Relationally Guided

Guide participants into a deep relationships with God and one another.

Deeper relationships do not happen simply by knowing more “about” God. Life with God invites participants into extended times of prayerful reflection, where the concepts they draw from Scripture interact with their own life experiences. By asking the right questions, we encourage believers to open their hearts to a life-changing encounter with Truth.

Additionally, participants come together in community meetings for the sake of sharing their personal stories, prayers, and reflections. With the help of a spiritually mature and experienced small group leader, the community practices healthy listening skills. Often those who claim to know Jesus are still hiding their true struggles and doubts from Him and the rest of His body. Life with God group meetings offer everyone an opportunity to grow in how to honestly share one’s heart to others, listen more attentively, lovingly, and gracefully to others stories, and to discern for how God is working in their midst.

3. Long-term Growth

Create lifelong habits within individual lives and within the church.

Changing the way people relate to God and one another takes time. Life with God is paced over 1-3 years because we know new habits are formed over the long haul.

The entire series is 72 weeks long, divided into six 12-week semesters. The first year of curriculum is the required starting point for all Life with God participants. We’ve designed the first year to ease all participants, despite their background and Christian maturity, into the core of Scripture’s teaching about relationships. Participants learn through practice and application. By the end of the first year, participants reach an important level of depth and readiness in their relational patterns with God, through the Spirit, and within their church community. They are now free to explore the remaining four semesters of Life with God, in any order, if the Spirit leads them to continue.