Training and Purchasing

Are you wondering what kind of group leader is a good match for Life with God? Since it is not your typical Bible study format, we desire to help you discern who, within your church body, might be ready and interested in training to be a Life with God leader.

Desirable qualities of Life with God leaders include:

  • A willingness to share honestly from their own lives
  • A value for the leadership of the Holy Spirit
  • A willingness to guide people through the process of real transformation
  • An understanding of the importance of listening
  • An acceptance for moving at a slower pace than most groups operate under
  • An observable spiritual and emotional maturity, showing gifts of discernment and wisdom
  • A desire to create an environment where each member can experience what it is like to receive and give care in the Body of Christ

As a result, Life with God leaders guide their groups by:

  • Setting an example and encouraging an atmosphere of safety among group participants, allowing them to share deeply and honestly with one another
  • Noticing the needs of the individuals as well as the dynamics going on within the group
  • Listening for God’s voice during the group time and responding out of what they hear
  • Spending time reflecting after each meeting on the group experience and seeking God’s wisdom for the group
  • Enlisting confidential prayer partners who will uphold them through the challenges of the group and celebrate with them as God accomplishes change in participants hearts
  • Trusting God with the outcomes

We work directly with Life with God leaders to train them in both the philosophy and the skills for a constructive and transforming community experience. In addition, Life with God leaders receive a Leader’s Guide that will accompany them on the journey. The materials provide helpful ideas for creating a safe environment, setting the pace of the group and structuring the time in the community experiences.

Our leadership training process begins with an application.

If you are simply interested in more information about becoming a Life with God leader or if you are interested in Grafted Life working with potential leaders in your church, please contact us.

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