Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflections are a chronicle of our personal journeys in relationship with God and others. These stories illustrate the breadth and depth of the Christian experience, and we offer them to you for encouragement and inspiration in your own journey.

My Thorny Heart

I think it’s easy for those of us who have been Christians a long time to compartmentalize some passages of Scripture as intended for someone else. In this case, it was easy for me to put myself into the category of the good soil, as I have already accepted Christ as my Savior and have walked with Him for many years.


While I came to Texas with an understanding that I wouldn’t know but a couple people, I didn’t really consider the impact of how my not being known by others would feel.

Who Pushed the Pause Button?

I feel restricted at every turn. It is as if someone pushed a big pause button on my life, and I can’t release it

The Joy of Having Expectations

Having expectations is a kind of weakness in me: a vulnerability. Expectations make my heart permeable to disappointment. I used to think that expectations were only for avoiding or releasing, but recently God has helped me see them in a different light.

Following God in the Little Things

It was something simple, quiet and personal. Strangely, I noticed that a great temptation arose in me to let it slide, to simply brush this invitation aside as less urgent or necessary compared to the “important” work I am called to do