Download the Sample Packet

Thanks for your interest in Life with God. Below you’ll find a link to a downloadable PDF which includes…

  • an overview of the Life with God series
  • testimonials from recent participants
  • explanation of the three design elements: podcasts, interactive projects, and community experience
  • two weeks of sample material from the Leader’s Guide
  • instructions about how to purchase Life with God

Download the Sample Packet

Browse a 32-page guide to Life with God, including two sample weeks from the first semester, The Genesis of Relationship.

Learn about Training and Purchasing

Life with God can only purchased by certified leaders. Learn about our five week online training process.

Listen to Sample Podcasts

The Genesis of Relationship, Week 3

Daily Scripture PodcastRuntime: 09:40
Teaching PodcastRuntime: 28:41

The Genesis of Relationship, Week 4

Daily Scripture PodcastRuntime: 06:50
Teaching PodcastRuntime: 26:35